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25th Feb 2006, 09:52
Hi doing ALL :)

I did According to the explanation installed Mod article. I think that I was ready for use mod.

And I tested install IG_BloodPatch.zip. I can install that. May be.

But not reflected my IG (at Quick Battle) but changed IG version from 1.1 come back to 1.0 Why ?

I tested install IG_Patch_v11.zip again but I take a Something message your Already IG_Patch_v11 ・・・

In the first place IS IG_BloodPatch what effect to IG. Is change blood color Dark brown to Red ?

I want a see Pic before and After effect of IG_BloodPatch. Is there it somewhere Pic.

Please somebody teach me.

25th Feb 2006, 13:02
Hiya Bluey :)

I will check I have understood your message, ok? ;)

I think you have installed the Bloodpatch Mod and it has reverted your IG install from v1.1 to v1.0, is that right? And now you can't get it to install back from v1.0 to the patched v1.1 version, right?

Try to reinstall the v1.1 IG patch and see if it works again. If it won't install to v1.1 do the following:

I think the install has to be fixed in the registry. I will ask you to delete some registry keys so it will install again.

1. Make a backup of your registry before changing anything. If things go wrong you can use this backup to fix any difficult problems.

2. I think you need to use regedit to search your registry for 'Pyro' and find the keys for the IG install. When you find them you should delete them.

3. Install the game and the v1.1 IG patch again. Check to see if it has become v1.1 again.

As for the Bloodpatch mod - I don't know if you need it, I think that patch is for the US retail version of IG, but I could be wrong.

Hope that makes sense and helps you :)

25th Feb 2006, 14:51
Thanks Letebvre dono ;)

After all it is so.

When I do unpacked data.pak file. IG version from 1.1 to 1.0 ・・・I understood.

registry is related ・・・I see. I Try to again.

There is some recommended Mod Letebvre dono.

25th Feb 2006, 16:08
no problem Bluey-san :)

one other thing - when you unpack data.pak you must also unpack data1.pak (this is the part that recognises the v1.1 patch) and replace files from it.

If you want my recommendations for mods go here:
half way down I list some of the ones I know work ok and are good for me :)

most are available here:

except for some by Martico which are here:

hope that helps, my friend :)

25th Feb 2006, 18:31
Thank you very much Lefebver dono ;) In Japanese word "ka-ta-ji-ke-nai"

I was Completed and AOK Patch v1.1 problem. :thumbsup: I tried to exchange a Japan flag.

Thank you from now on. This is a Japan flag "Nippon". I Just kidding. :D


26th Feb 2006, 15:41
lol nice one matey :)

It really would upset history if Japan had taken Paris from the British :o hehehe