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24th Feb 2006, 22:03
Eidos has released the first developer diary of CSF.

Taking you behind the scenes in the Pyro offices and talking about some design decissions.

Download the movie from Eidos (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/downloads/search.html?gmid=155).

Pretty cool, can't wait to see more :)

24th Feb 2006, 23:19
Great little video, thx for keeping us up to date, really worth watching.

Waffen SS
5th Mar 2006, 09:38
Great little video
Little? It's 3:11. The largest trailer I have seen.:rolleyes: Pretty surprising they have added c2 scenes also.:(

6th Mar 2006, 10:24
yep little

6th Mar 2006, 11:36
The largest trailer I've seen is about 20 minutes. :D
Will be releasing today probably, will add subtitles first (there is Dutch comentary.) :)

8th Mar 2006, 14:42
thats what i love about TAFN , they deliver the goods.

9th Mar 2006, 20:26
I'm sorry it's not online yet. First of all I have the flu so I had to stay on bed (I'm feeling a bit better now but not 100% yet.) And secondly internet isn't working! At least, not properly because else I wouldn't write this message in the first place. Currently no more than one computer in this house can be connected to the internet at a time because something's messed up in the LAN settings since the power went down for some time. :confused: I'll hope to fix it tomorrow. :)

13th Mar 2006, 19:54
thats what i love about TAFN , they deliver the goods.

yes yes, we rule :D:D:D