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24th Feb 2006, 05:45
alright wat i have seen from the movies the game seems to me as a FPS... but i was wondering is it a 3rd person also???? if it is than it would be more cool as u get a more broader view in a 3rd person....us 3rd person to view ur enemy and fps to finish them....
another thing also wat is the time line in which the game is goin to be set

24th Feb 2006, 09:58
The game is mainly an fps but you a bit of third person as well, e.g. when you're performing a stealth kill it will show you that in 3rd person.

Additionally what you can try out in the demo as well, during the game you can press the (default) E button to look around you resulting in this:


24th Feb 2006, 19:56
The game is strictly 1st person as it comes to gameplay, but the developers offer you 3rd person view as a tool. You cannot play in 3rd person view only as in other FPS.

The timeline is during World War 2. There are no specific historical dates in the game yet, so I cannot give you an exact from then to then fix.


25th Feb 2006, 06:39
so does this mean we are goin to see some action from normandy???? or some other location....
another thing on the CSF website if u visit the briefings there are a couple of mission discriptions (i think)...are they the only missions???