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23rd Feb 2006, 21:47
Eidos released the first official trailer today. It looks pretty damn good. :)

Clicky (http://ftp.eidosinteractive.com/pub/videos/roguetrooper/rogue_trailer01.zip).

Go check it out! :cool:

John Carter
22nd Mar 2006, 18:26
It does look really good. Suprised there's not more discussion of it.

22nd Mar 2006, 19:12
Another trailer can be downloaded here (http://ftp.eidosinteractive.com/pub/videos/roguetrooper/rogue_trailer02.zip). Also, the full official website has gone live and can be visited here (http://www.eidos.co.uk/gss/roguetrooper/).
This game definitely needs some media attention. :)

John Carter
23rd Mar 2006, 00:37
Cool website, and cooler trailer. Went to the ad2000 comic site listed, I'd not heard of the comic book before. This looks as though it might have the more interesting conventions of military sci-fi of the last 30 years or so rolled up into a fun game.

Think I'll have to play it. :)

Why does the dude have no shirt, though?