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23rd Feb 2006, 14:17
I'm about to buy the Thief game, but there are so many different ones? Which one is the newest and which ones should I get?

the one true thief
23rd Feb 2006, 14:43
Hi AlexDenton. :)

The newest Thief game would be Thief: Deadly Shadows, for either Xbox or PC. If you get it for PC then check that your PC specs are up to date.

The Ones I think you should get are Thief: The Dark Project and Thief: The Metal Age. They're older, don't need a terribly good machine to run on and are the best in the series.

If you want to find out more about the games, just check these forums. (Mind the Spoilers! :eek:)


Tin Star
23rd Feb 2006, 14:48
I'm about to buy the Thief game, but there are so many different ones? Which one is the newest and which ones should I get?

Thief 3{deadly shadows} is the newest of the Thief games,as for which ones to get I would get them all if I could.The reason being to bring you up to date or the history on what had lead to Thief 3,I myself liked the first two games better then the last game but only because they made to many changes in the game play and some of changes in the items that could be used in game play.
You should be able to get a good deal on the older games by now so it would be well worth the small amount you would pay to get them.

Tin Star

23rd Feb 2006, 16:48
Tin Star: There is honor among thieves lol You obviously never played Sly 3 before.

Thanks for your help guys! :) Maybe I will buy them all and spend the rest of my life playing games :eek:

23rd Feb 2006, 17:34
Is this the proper chronological order for the Thief games? I'm playing them all on PC:

Thief: The Dark Project
Thief II: The Metal Age
Thief: Deadly Shadows

I'm about to buy all 3 and I want to know the order in which I should play them :D

Tin Star
23rd Feb 2006, 18:15
Can someone list the names of all of the Thief games in chronological order?

First if you read the Thiefs code which I was able to read in the game of Morrowind{The Elder Scrolls III} there is no honor among thieves and that they will betray each other in order to fatten there own purse or to remain free.
Now with that said here is a list of the Thief games.
1.Thief the Dark Project the first game to come out.

2.Thief Gold.A remake of Thief the Dark Project with a few changes in game play and 3 extra levels of play added to it.

3.Thief the Metal Age.

4.Thief Deadly Shadows.

Tin Star

23rd Feb 2006, 19:32
Thanks Tin Star. I really appreciate that maybe I'll get the Gold version of the first one now. Do they all have like demons and stuff? I saw that the first one did and I really like that kind of thing. :)

(And I still think that there's Honor Among some Thieves :p
"Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves")

23rd Feb 2006, 23:30
Thief 2 has almost nothing supernatural in it. They mostly abandoned that for the second game. Some people like it (I do), and some don't.

23rd Feb 2006, 23:40
Anything weird in Thief 3?

24th Feb 2006, 04:13
Only the single scariest level ever designed for a video game. Nothing much to worry about. :)

26th Feb 2006, 21:44
Scarier than the stuff in the game Heretic?

27th Feb 2006, 03:16
I've never played Heretic, but if you have a good sound system on your computer, you might just find yourself wishing that you didn't have to turn the lights ON in the TDS mission being referred to here. And it's even worse the second time through.:eek:

28th Feb 2006, 18:41
Way cool