View Full Version : This looks cool

23rd Feb 2006, 14:16
This looks like it could be a really neat game! Something like Ghost Recon.

23rd Feb 2006, 21:49
I knew of this game some time already, but after watching the trailer (see my thread for download link) it definitely got my interest. 3rd person games aren't my favourite, but sometimes I'm willing to make an exception. ;)

24th Feb 2006, 20:24
2oooAD was my favourite comic. Rogue and Jonny Alpha were my favourite characters EVAR!!! looking forward to this.... Theres been very little publicity but I was tracking it since they first mentioned it was coming out. I just hope the'll bring it to PSP!!!!!

And please Eidos get the gamesite updated already.... and while you're at it... we want it on PSP too!!!!!

3rd Mar 2006, 19:48
And please Eidos get the gamesite updated already....

It's up, and it looks awesome!! http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/forums/images/smiles/drool.gif

3rd Mar 2006, 23:32

Now how about getting this game to psp??