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22nd Feb 2006, 12:50
Hi All :)

I am Japanese player and I want to know It's a Is Precisely with a historical investigation fighting order (Formation) Of each country in IG game?

Because Japanese have a some fighting order (Formation) and I know well Japanese style but I don't know well other country style of fighting order (Formation).

By the way in case of Japanese use There is much styles it's a "heihou" styles.

If you know each contry fighting order (Formation) styles. Teach me.


22nd Feb 2006, 13:05
I am not sure if I am answering your question correctly. But formations during the 19th century were pretty stright foward and very organized. By the end of the American Civil War these styles of battle start changeing, by the First Wolrd War the old fighting tatics of the 19th century are long gone.

22nd Feb 2006, 14:52
Thaks reply officerpuppy

Then How about Battle formation of European area ?

This is a Battle formation of Japan. (Reference Pic)


I whant really know Battle formation of European area add Pic.


22nd Feb 2006, 21:45
hi Ocean-Blue-san :)

I will try to make this simple so your translator can translate it. I do not have pictures so I will use # to show formations. All formations are drawn to face up the screen. Square formation faces in all directions.

This information is basic, I have talked in very general terms.

In Napoleonic Europe the formations were simple. Nations used styles of fighting that were fashionable. They were in Line or Column or Square. Column was divided into two, Column of March and Column of Attack.

The British, Russians and Austrians used Line formation like this:
(Line tactics were old fashioned by the time of Imperial Glory)


The French used Line formation also.
The French also used Column of Attack like this: (Column of Attack was a new fashion) They used Column of Attack a lot of the time.


Prussian Infantry used Line and Column of Attack formation for standard infantry.
Prussian Militia used a loose Column formation (perhaps like a Phalanx of ancient times).

All nations used Square formation to defend against cavalry like this:


All nations used Column of March for movement like this:


Napoleon invented Column of Attack. The French always used it under Napoleon. He conquered most of Europe and spread the use of Column of Attack to other armies.

Many nations used Column of Attack because they used to fight in Napoleon's army. Batavia (Holland and Belgium) used French formations, also Italian countries did. Helvetican infantry used French tactics as did Saxon, Polish, Piedmont and Lombardy troops.

I do not think European armies used all the shapes in your picture, the 'shallow encircle', the 'echelon' and 'wedge' formations were not Napoleonic ;) I know you have only used that picture to say how you would like the information though.

I am working from memory so I could have made mistakes about the way armies used formations. Please feel free to correct any errors :)

hope that helps,

23rd Feb 2006, 03:21
Thanks reply Lefebvre ;)

good explanation. :thumbsup: and Where is your Nationality ?

Yes, upload pic is a Japanese style. I want say How many Europe styles.

Do you know Napoleon Bonaparte studied "sonshi" hi is a Chinese (military) tactician.

Is this true ?

And Who is an authority of Martial arts in Europe ?

24th Feb 2006, 00:56
no problem Ocean-Blue :)

If I understand you right you want to know my nationality? I'm English, or British or a European or something like that :)

I don't know about Napoleon studying Oriental military tactics, he may well have done at the French military college he attended, or maybe afterwards for himself.

Maybe someone else knows about this?

9th Mar 2006, 04:12
Going off on a tagent a bit, I was wondering if it was possible to mod the square formation in the game so instead of having a solid square, we can have a hollow one. Id love to place arty in the middle not just so they are protected but to fire a few shots at retreating cav. *howitzers of course*

9th Mar 2006, 10:58
you don't need a hollow square to do that m8, just put your howitzers in the middle anyway and they still fire over your infantry in square as they are ;)

9th Mar 2006, 11:46
Hi officerpuppy and Lefebver long time no see ?

I am surprised at a sudden reply. :eek:

I'm during now various study Imperial Glory.