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22nd Feb 2006, 06:25
Can't log on, can't view stats on the site. (PS2)

WTF is going on?

22nd Feb 2006, 06:30
i was just gonna ask the same thing. i thought i got banned or sum shyt but i unno why i would be banned. But yeah im tryin to log on the game and it wont and i try to look at stats cant. does this mean there re doin the stats??

22nd Feb 2006, 06:32
yea lets calm down i think everyone is having the same problem. i cant log in either. they might be working on the servers or releasing a patch. who knows. but lets give it a bit.

22nd Feb 2006, 06:36
well actually im just about to goto bed ill check it out tommatow. hopefully everything wlill be koo. And j/w is this only for ps2 version that there having problems? oh well peace out everyone. YaDdAdA

22nd Feb 2006, 06:38
the stats page is back up but still cant log in to the game and it says no one else is online either, they have to be working on the servers thats the only explanation.

22nd Feb 2006, 06:39
Stats are back up, not sure if you can log in though - haven't tried yet.

22nd Feb 2006, 06:43
Looks like people are logging on now, 55 online. I hope when I log on, that I will have to download a patch. Highly unlikely though. :-/

22nd Feb 2006, 06:44
yes u can log back in i just logged in even tho ima get off u can get on. Everything is all good :)

22nd Feb 2006, 06:45
everything is fixed now, lets hope they did something to stop the cheaters

22nd Feb 2006, 06:46
i doubt it because there is not patch or anything. if they did sumthin to stop the cheats we would need to dl a patch. if they did do sumthin im sure its pretty weak and wont stop nottin

22nd Feb 2006, 06:47
well something happened cuz the whole system went down for a bit there and it wasnt a scheduled maintenance time. so who knows. keep youre fingers crossed.

22nd Feb 2006, 13:28
They didn't do ****! First game after logging on was a cheater!

poopy_pants was his name.