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22nd Feb 2006, 00:52
Hi to everyone at Eidos! I'm this close to succesfully downloading a level made with TRLE. I used the tutorial on how to do it that was hosted on here, which was informative, to a point. The level in question is Jungle Ruins 3, which contains two .EXE files and a .pak file among other things I succesfully transfered. Where do these types of files go?
The tutorial didn't say anything about them. There is already a file in the TRLE folder called uklogo.pak, so I may not have to extract and add a second one. However, there are two files, madplay.exe and start_me.exe. I went ahead and looked for the level in the list of demos seeing if the level would run anyway, and nothing was there, which I expected? What do I do with these files?

22nd Feb 2006, 01:22
One of the exe's will be to run the actual level
In your main folder you should have
The TR.exe
A 'Data' Folder (containing Level.TR4 files & the uklogo.pak)
A 'Audio' Folder(containing the WAV)

If you have madplay.exe and start_me.exe you should have also downloaded some MP3's with the level , if you have the mp3's in the same folder run 'start_me' it will convert the mp3 to wav.

However if there is no TR.exe and no level.tr4 files ,but you have some wad/was/sam etc files you will need the Tom2PC program that comes with the TR level editor.

Some games are now being released as stand alone games, but older games usually require the TRLE itself to convert the level wads into something playable.

Hope this helps

22nd Feb 2006, 02:18
Everything seems to be in order. The MP3s and the "start_me" along with "madplay" are all in the correct folder(the .exe files sudenly appeared there, I didn't extract them!). It seems like I've put everything in the correct folder, now how do I play?!? The level isn't accesable in the demo list.

22nd Feb 2006, 02:23
hi VonCroyJr and welcome to the forum :)

I went ahead and looked for the level in the list of demos seeing if the level would run anyway, and nothing was there

you should not see that list because that means you did not put the 2 .DAT files from the zipfile in the main trle folder, overwriting the existing files

there is a textfile in the Jungle Ruins zipfile called Important.txt, it will tell you exactly what to do to install that level:


The audio tracks are in MP3 format and must be converted to the correct WAV format before they
can be used. Simply open the audio folder and double-click on the 'start_me' exe icon. The converting
process could take up to five minutes, so be patient and allow the programme to complete its

When that is done, put all 32 audio tracks into the Audio folder in your trle root folder.

The eight tr4 files go into the Data folder.

The uklogo.pak file also goes into the Data folder.

The Script and English DAT files go in the trle root folder.


(to George: you may want to change "logo.pak" to "uklogo.pak" in that textfile ;))

22nd Feb 2006, 02:48
Oh crap, I think I've succesfully ruined the LE. Apparently, the LE actually replaced two files with the english and script.dat and now when I click "New Game" it fades like it's about to load a level, then goes out of the level editor.

It would suck if I havee to re-install the LE...

22nd Feb 2006, 07:01
Make a backup of your LE folder before you overwright anything :p

22nd Feb 2006, 12:23
Did you see this tutorial on installing custom games? :)


22nd Feb 2006, 13:46
Make a backup of your LE folder before you overwright anything :p

How do I do that? And yes, as I've said, I read a tutorial on how to install custom levels.