View Full Version : Demo's battles reboot computer when the subtitles come up

20th Feb 2006, 22:03
The demo's battles cause my computer to re-boot when teh subtitles come up about Hanover and an empire. I have a Radeon X700, which is within the recommended specification.

I might as well ask something else - does the game have subtitles in it's entirety, as I am hard of hearing.

Thank you

21st Feb 2006, 19:12
Maybe try your first question in the Tech Support section of this board dude ;)

As for your second question I can help you there, in the game there is little or no need for subtitles, you can play it perfectly well without sound in fact.

The only time I can think of where there is voice info without subs in in Battle Mode where a narrator makes a few comments, but they are only fluff and make little sense a lot of the time so I always turn it off anyway.

Any information that is most useful to you is revealed in requesters and popover windows etc, you wouldn't miss *any* important info I can think of if you didn't hear it.

hope that helps

21st Feb 2006, 20:42
Thank you for clearing up the concerns about the subtitles. I'll post in the Technical Forum about the other problem.