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squirrel in the tree
20th Feb 2006, 21:39
First of all I'd like to say really enjoy playing the demo and I look forward to playing the full version.

The sound ingame works great and all four of my speakers work; however, when I exit only the front two work.

My problem is after I exit the game,the option in my sound blaster surround sound mixer is changed from 4 speakers to 2 speakers. This happens ever single time I play the demo forcing me to go to control panel and manually changing it back to four speakers.

the infos
xp sp 2
sound blaster audigy
sound drivers unkown and I don't want to find new ones.
3200 64
1 gb kingston

20th Feb 2006, 22:05
You can find the latest Creative audigy drivers on the www.creative.com website. Go to the Support/Downloads section.

squirrel in the tree
21st Feb 2006, 06:03
I hate my damn sound card I unistalled the drivers and now it waon't let me install the new or old ones!

I fah kin hate all the hoops the sound cards make you jump through.

I have know idea why It wont let me instal. I shoulda just let the problem be.

If I knew who designed the driver for my sound card he wouldn't be happy

squirrel in the tree
21st Feb 2006, 06:28
I got it I dl/ed a driver that let me instal only problem is I still have the same problem.

Neuer driver but still not the newest.

If anyone is running a normal audigy and all four speakers work in game and out after you play the game plz tell me which drivers you are running.


squirrel in the tree
22nd Feb 2006, 01:59
I fixed the problem!

If I set sound to stereo, It fixes the lose of the back two speakers upon exiting.

Both dolby and dolby 5.1 caused the problem for me.