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20th Feb 2006, 07:32
well they trigger it good! the demo already shows that this game is gonna rock when it comes out, i love the physics in the game imagine HITMAN in 1st view, the only thing i notice is the main target like the scaping officer dosen't seem to have a physics effect after being shot. also i hope the final game will not have a level that has unlimited spawnings of enemies, cause ulimited spawnings kills the fun of the game and becomes annoying.

the switching between characters are very impressive, it helps you to figure out how to take out special targets like scaping officer on the demo, i just place the sniper on the boat over looking the scape boat and let the green beret do most of the job, when the officer about to scape, i switch back to the sniper to take him out. also the slowmo really gives the sniper more time to really lock on a target. overall this demo si awsome, the only draw back i notice is that if the NPCs that fight with you all died its game over, i wish they let you go on as long as you have your main characters still standing.

heres a self made movie i made from the demo


20th Feb 2006, 09:38
Nice Video, thx for the time taken in making it.

20th Feb 2006, 12:03
Very nice Video!

20th Feb 2006, 13:58
Nice shooting, great video :)

20th Feb 2006, 14:32
u sure no how to give them hell and nic video

20th Feb 2006, 19:37
the demo was tested on

AMD64 3700+ @2.4ghz
dual 7800GTX
1 gig dual corsair XMS series

settings are all in max with 4X AA and a resoution of
1280 X 1024 32 bit with an FPS of 56 to 65 frames per second

23rd Feb 2006, 19:34
git i think is the answer to that :)

did you use fraps?

23rd Feb 2006, 21:40
That movie looks good!! I love the phycics as well. Most fun thing to do is shooting a Nazi in the knee with a shotgun; he'll be part of the Luftwaffe for a second or 2, hehe :D