View Full Version : Is LOK Your Favourite Story?

The Reaver Blade
19th Feb 2006, 23:01
I'd probably say yes.;)

19th Feb 2006, 23:47
It's a good story, but not my favorite.

20th Feb 2006, 04:50
Vote definitely. There are just so many questions to answer and so few ways to do it. That makes it most interesting to me. The only other storylines that even come close for me are the LOTR trilogy and the X-Files. Sorry Umah, but Star Wars is way down there for me.

Umah Bloodomen
20th Feb 2006, 05:42
Sorry Umah, but Star Wars is way down there for me.

We're breaking up! :p

LOK is a great story, but not my favorite either. I'll have to sift through the top contenders on my list and get back to you. ;)

20th Feb 2006, 12:33
I opted for hating the story simply because there wasn't a 'definately not' option. I wouldn't say I hate the story. But I'd hardly say it's anywhere worth mentioning as one of my fav stories ever.

plot holes, time travel and never being finished make it just a big soap opera to me. All well written stories have a beginning, middle and end (wow highschool english lit ppl!) yet LOK hasn't even got an ending.

I'd hardly consider LOK "the greatest story ever told"

20th Feb 2006, 13:43
definitely but there are other stories I like, some others incude Final Fantasy (VII and VIII inpaticular), LoTR, Star Wars, X-men :rolleyes: and others

Dr Kain
20th Feb 2006, 13:47
Favorite story in what, video games? Hell, it doesn't matter, LoK is one of the best vampire stories ever written, if not THE best.

Greek Bard
20th Feb 2006, 18:00
LOK it's a great story but my favorite. My favourite story is the Metal Gear Solid story, espacially the MGS 3 one of the best video games i ever played

The Reaver Blade
20th Feb 2006, 21:01
For me it is between the LOK, LOTR and the MGS storys.

20th Feb 2006, 22:02
In the long running series stories, it's definately between LoK and MGS.

21st Feb 2006, 02:59
It's my favorite story in video games, but not my favorite of all time. The Dark Tower takes that honour.

21st Feb 2006, 11:33
the OP never said "best video game story" he said best story....

I find it very unlikely that the greatest story ever will be from a videogame..

I don't care for star wars in the slightest, but as far as story telling goes, it's a good story. (at least the original Trilogy was..)

I love lok but have to say (in my opinion) the story flat out sucks from SR2 onwards. Yes, it has its moments, but then doesn't everything?

I think it's pretty rude to brand me as having no taste just because I know better stories than a half complete video game. Personally, I'd say anyone that honestly sees lok as their fav story ever should get out and live a little. There's a lot of stories out there to discover ppl..

Dr Kain
21st Feb 2006, 13:09
Eh, MGS has a cool story, but no where near as good as LoK. The MGS hype is what basically kills MGS for me. Hell, I've yet to even play MGS3 due to this. MGS4 looks good, but I have no plans to buy a PS3 until 2008, and that is only if it has dropped to $300 or less, so obviously I won't be playing 4 (not to mention I'd wait for the guaranteed Special Edition that will be made a year and a half later).

I love the Resident Evil series, and that is tied for first place with LoK as my favorite video game series. Shenmue could have been up there had Sega not screwed the series over.

As for favorite story overall, I don't have one. There are just too many choices to chose from, especially with movies. Movies it would be tied with LotR, The Matrix Trilogy, Devil's Advocate, Godzilla GMK, and Transformers the movie. Then there are anime series like Gankutsuou, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne. And manga like Angel Sanctuary. Etc. Too much good stuff to really decide on a top favorite.

21st Feb 2006, 13:25
TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE!!!! OMG!!!!! gogo hotrod!!! GOOOOOO!!!!

24th Feb 2006, 17:10
I like Feist... His books are good... Nice story, and all...

And Margaret Weiss, too! I love the Death Gate Cycle! :D

24th Feb 2006, 18:52
Contradictory to what fneh thinks, I have seen, heard and read a lot of stories, and still like LOK the best. This is not neccesarily because it's the best done story ever, it's because as a little boy, when I first played Blood Omen, it gripped me, and never let me go. The dark atmosphere, absolutely brilliant voice acting and ever surprising and intruiging plot twists and turns are exactly what I love in a story. There is no way that one story can be titled the best story of all time for everyone, because everyone experiences a story differently and relates in different ways to the events and characters in it. Therefore saying people who like LOK best do so simply because they have no knowledge of what other stories are out there, is a bit shortsighted.

oh and I loved ff7 too and I liked the lotr movies for how well they were done but I didn't find the story all that superdupergreat (it was good, yeah, but couldnt really grab me). Same thing with Star wars, good movies, good story, but nothing more for me.

25th Feb 2006, 03:46
why does everyone say LOTR movies.........? Has anyone read the books at all?

25th Feb 2006, 05:56

25th Feb 2006, 07:34
why does everyone say LOTR movies.........? Has anyone read the books at all?

I know, really. I read the books first, and while I didn't think the story was amazing, I absolutely loved the world.
Want my examples like everyone else is doing? Sure you do! How about Babylon 5, The Stars My Destination, and H.P. Lovecraft's stories (I consider a lot of them connected, though it could be seen as not) are some examples.
In a way though, it's hard to compare something long like LoK to all of Harlan Ellison's short stories, though he's my favorite writer. But I like Harlan's stuff more than LoK.

25th Feb 2006, 11:53
@BigKevSexyMan... Yes, we do know your opinion on books. :rolleyes:

LoK isn't my favourite story - but I'd be hard pressed to know what is.

LotR - the books, and yes, I did read them, as well as the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, all that stuff - lost all its appeal to me the moment I:
a.saw the elves - yup: beautiful, wise, noble, immortal, wonder why Eru Iluvatar bothered with humans at all...
b.got to Gandalf's resurrection. What an utterly lame plot device. Only Aslan's resurrection in Narnia was worse. (Keep in mind that when I read Narnia, I was young enough not to know it was Christian propaganda. When I learnt that... :mad:)

Star Wars - I like the prequels more than the sequels (well, except for Empire). But I take Star Wars more as a decline-and-fall story as opposed to a personal story... So once the good guys are winning, the whole appeal is lost to me.

Apart from that... I think that it is a reasonable estimate to say that I've read and seen some 85-90% of all the most important texts/books and films created so far by humanity. I'm especially down on the ancient Hindu texts - they're so long! - and I'm much worse with games and graphic novels, although I'm trying - but I think it's still a pretty big base of stories from which to choose... And I don't have a single favourite story within it; more, I don't quite understand what the big fuss about some of them is (Especially Romeo and Juliet. It's just so... insipid.). So, I think it's reasonable to assume I won't find my favourite story, ever.

In which case, LoK will have to probably suffice as a runner up together with The Godfather and Les liaisons dangereuses... for the time being.

25th Feb 2006, 23:34
LoK is pretty good, but it's nowhere near my favorite. Lord of the Rings is way up there, one of the best adventure stories I've read, but there are other stories that are even better. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them right now. Dangit.

26th Feb 2006, 17:20
A damn good one that sort of got lost along the way, finished well enough for my liking as i like open ended stories that you can question but i couldn't say if it was my favourite. It's a contender no question about that. Honourable mentions would have to include Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Deus Ex. It would be in with them somwhere.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Feb 2006, 23:18
Honourable mentions would have to include Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Deus Ex. It would be in with them somwhere.

I can agree with your Kingdom Hearts sentiments. That has got to be one of the best storylines ever (which is odd becuase one wouldn't expect it to be with the Disney tie-ins involved). I recently completed KH and I'm so psyched for the sequel. Another honorable mention to PoP too of course. ;)

I think now that I'm pondering over it, it's really hard not to acknowledge Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. I'll definitely say that this/these are my favorite game storylines ever.

I'll get back to you on books/movies. ;)

27th Feb 2006, 01:42
well you have to admit, super mario bros takes the cake for most original story, I mean c'mon, two plumbers climbing through sewer pipes jumping on mushroom-like creatures in an epic quest to beat the mean turtle-dude in order to save the princess! BRILLIANT!!

27th Feb 2006, 12:53
Kingdom Hearts! <33333333333333333333

That game was a pain to play but it was worth it just for the cutscenes! The last couple of hours of it were just beautiful. And their "one scene contract" for mikey mouse COULD NOT have been any better.

The Reaver Blade
3rd Mar 2006, 20:57
Some of you favour other stories to LOK but i think we can all agree that LOK is one of the most complex.

5th Mar 2006, 17:39
Only because it spans 5 games. If they had of actually tried to finish the story off in 1 game like they originally meant to it wouldn't be. Besides, it really depends on what you view as complex about it.

The Reaver Blade
5th Mar 2006, 20:25
Originally posted by fneh= I think it's pretty rude to brand me as having no taste just because I know better stories than a half complete video game. Personally, I'd say anyone that honestly sees lok as their fav story ever should get out and live a little. There's a lot of stories out there to discover ppl.

Sorry my mistake. This poll was only supposed to be about video game stories to start with but i forgot to include that in the thread title and poll. I also forgot to put a 'definetly not' option in the poll (i wasnt expecting anyone to opt for the 'no taste' option because of this but since there wasnt a 'definetly not' option, i did expect someone to opt for it). It is nothing personal fneh:o

5th Mar 2006, 23:10
When it comes to games Stories my favorites are:
LoK (incomplete as it is)
Grand Theft Auto (3 onwards)
Shadow of Memories/Destiny
Resident Evil (haven't played all of them though)

6th Mar 2006, 00:24
OK, talking about video games. Yeah, Legacy of Kain is definetly one of the best video game stories I've seen. I'd also put alongside it the Metal Gear and Chrono games.

25th Apr 2006, 06:29
Ya! Lok for the past 5-6 years has been one of the best series I have played in the Action-Adventure genre and will continue to be one of the best as long as i am stucked in the complications of the timeline :D. (Just an excuse to be with the series which followers know far better than any one else :p )