View Full Version : v1.1 problem

19th Feb 2006, 20:42
i downloaded and installed the 1.1 patch then, for whatever reason i uninstalled then reinstalled ig. now when i try to install the patch again it says it's already there yet ig reads as v1.0 can someone help me?

20th Feb 2006, 02:36
This should really be in Tech Support m8 ;)

Sounds like the patch left a registry entry behind, try exploring through regedit to see if it's there and delete it (it's probably under HKEY_local_machine\software, but search for <pyro> (without brackets) and it will most likely show up) then reinstall the game and apply the patch.

It's good practice to backup your registry before making any changes so you can replace any damaged keys if you need to.
good luck.

23rd Feb 2006, 19:32
sorry for posting in the wrong form...

anywho, there was a registry entry. i had to uninstall the game then delete everything dealing with pyro studios in order to get it to work. Thanks!

24th Feb 2006, 01:00
no problem, glad it works for you :)