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18th Feb 2006, 15:38
I'm curious how people react to this game, given my impressions

I've played other Commandos, but only in demo form, so I guess you'd say i have a feeling for the series, but not as strong a sense as some of you might have. Overall, I thought CSF was a solid game that integrated traditional Commandos mechanics in a rather interesting way, but, if I know anything about gamers, I think that hardcore commandos fans will find it quite disappointing, as little remains of the spirit of the other games other than the setting, characters, and some of the gadgets. The gameplay structure is completely different, much less focused on carefully thinking through every soldier encounter.
Then again, I don't think the game will garner too much interest from the FPS community because of the aspects of the previous games it does retain--they just seems strange and out of place to an FPS player, and the game doesn't offer too much that they haven't seen before.
So, although I quite enjoyed the CSF demo, I'm ultimately feeling like this game might not please a tremendous number of gamers...

Please, share your thoughts

18th Feb 2006, 16:57
I thought the demo was extremely short for nearly 700mb download. What was it - 10 minutes of gameplay? As for the game itself, I think it might be fun. Just need to see how this "cooperation" aspect between characters works out. Demo didn't provide enough gameplay to judge that objectively. I agree that characters don't seem to look anything like in previous Commandos games. That's sad.

18th Feb 2006, 20:05
I think it's pretty cool, when playing it feels fun the music is superb the graphics have a nice touch and filter which kinda gives it a movie like effect.

As for it being different than the previous games it's not exactly a surprise, it was known that Commandos 3 was the end of the series as we knew it. But yeah if you were unaware that the Commandos series has taken a new direction and thought that Strike Force was a continuation of the top down series then you'll obviously be quite surprised.

The changes will take some time getting used to but from what I've seen at Games Market Europe with the full missions back then it still has the Commandos touch.

19th Feb 2006, 02:25
I was generally disappointed. Its heavily scripted and the graphics are quite dated, equivalent to the original MOHAA graphics.

I played on Normal with 4xAA and resolution 1280x1024. AMD 64 3200, nvidia 6600GT 128mb and 2 Gigs RAM. With that very mid range setup this game is very playable with no stutter or jaggies

I didn't like the way that even though you placed the sniper in a good covered location with a wide sniping view he would not take down enemy if you switched to another commando view, he just stands/crouches there and gets wounded without firing back:rolleyes: You have to constantly switch between the two commandos to keep them alive. At least in Hidden and Dangerous/BIA your AI squad fire back and kill enemy.

The first demo mission is basically a shoot 'em up. You can grab medi kits and ammo at not very well hidden locations plus new weapons from dead enemy. The sniping/shooting is pure FPS, no bullet physics to speak of, just drop the crosshairs on the target and shoot. The slow motion bullet time is a very old idea now and is totally inferior to the bullet cam in Sniper Elite for example.

The second mission is stealth based and much more fun. I garotted my way around the whole mission. You learn the basics of stealth required in the game eg. how to approach the enemy without being seen, how to aquire enemy uniforms, how to distract the enemy, how to use different stealth weapons for silent kills. It was very easy, but fun.

It is difficult to judge from the demo how tactical the real game will be with the full complement of three commandos. If they all act dumb when they are switched to AI control then the gameplay will be pretty poor as you will have to nurse them round the whole map and it will be just a multi-character FPS. Playing on Normal was very easy after just a couple of retries so I hope the Hard setting is truly challenging or the full game will be over very fast.

Finishing the demo missions unlocks some pretty lacklustre extras which are just static concept drawings (4 of them). I hope you get more for winning in the real game than this or there will be no real incentive to play at higher levels.

I thoroughly enjoyed the squad based/tactical Hidden and Dangerous/Brother in Arms games and was hoping CSF would be equally as strategic and challenging to play, sadly the demo does not indicate CSF attains this higher level of gameplay. I will wait until after release to see what the full games potential is really like and then decide whether to get it or not.

19th Feb 2006, 20:06
Broadside did make a very good point...probably one of the game's most pathetic aspects is the fact that when you switch to another commando, the other commando(s) do absolutely nothing. This is another one of those concepts that was adopted from the orginal commandos that players of FPS's, like BIA and H&A, will find outright stupid.

I'm glad to see they're seems to be some enthusiam about the game though...if nothing else, its a solid game that shows that RTS developers are no less knowledgeable about making FPS's than other FPS developers of ecquivant size

The stealth aspects are definately the most unique and best part of the game...though they did seem an awful lot like Hitman every now and again...

Speaking of hitman, is it just me, or does the game use the Hitman/freedom fighters engine?...it sure looks like it...

20th Feb 2006, 00:55
to sum it upp it was overall a 9 out of 10 because it was laggy at somepoints but i cant wait for it to come out