View Full Version : weird hum on sas fire (again)!

18th Feb 2006, 11:08
Hello everyone.

This may seem a really stupid question from a newbie (because it is) but can I get rid of the the underwater hum when lara is hit by bullets by getting rid of the ID50 underwater door sound.

I can live without the sound when the underwater door opens.

I know there's that new patch with the feature but I'm too daft to use that properly, I know.



19th Feb 2006, 10:04
Taking the sound out causes the missing sounds problem.

However, I have swapped the underwater door sound (ID50) with a very quiet click, and this has 'solved' the problem, or at least, made it better.


19th Feb 2006, 11:05
if you want no sound at all, not even a "click", then you can record 1 second of silence and put it as the underwater hum sound

19th Feb 2006, 12:21
I had this happen in a WAD I made for 'The Dig'

To get rid of it, I just re copied all objects back into the WAD untill it stopped. Start with Lara's bits.

20th Feb 2006, 08:25
Thanks for replying.

Isn't there special settings for sounds so they work in game?

I would also like to add more musical samples because the ones provided arn't brilliant.

It would be great to get hold of the monk chant tomb theme from TR1.


20th Feb 2006, 12:35
Isn't there special settings for sounds so they work in game?

if you want a particular sound to work that is not present in the wad, you'll have to add it by editing the sounds.txt file and run pcwadsfx.exe

I would also like to add more musical samples because the ones provided arn't brilliant.

if you're talking about music, then you can simply copy them to the audio folder and trigger them with a CD trigger and the number of the wave file
providing you have the audio you want, of course. if you don't, post what you want and I'm sure one of use will be happy to upload the file....or link to a site when you can get them :)

21st Feb 2006, 10:49
Thanks Driber, I didn't know that.

My understanding, though, was that adjustments need to be made to standard mp3s or wavs to wav files (Microsoft ADPCM 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo). How is this done?

21st Feb 2006, 12:13
to .wav files yes. the editor can't read mp3s
if you want to use audio from mp3 format, you'll have to conver them to wave, using the parameters you just quoted

go to the audio folder and there you'll see all the files you can edit or replace with audio of your choice (you can even add audio files without overwriting any of the existing ones, as long as you keep the number between 0 and 111)

you'll need to download an audio editing program if you want to do some copy&pasting, fade effects, etc

have a look at this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=21738) for links to audio editing programs

21st Feb 2006, 20:41
Thanks Driber,

I have an audio converter and it's worked fine.

Do you know where I can get hold of audio from the previous tomb raider games? They are better than the ones provided.

Especially the monk chant tomb theme from TR1, or any others?

22nd Feb 2006, 02:05
you can try your luck here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/audioplex/tr1_soundtracks.html) although it seems to be down at this moment

but don't you have TR1 yourself? if so, you can simply extract the audio tracks to wave

22nd Feb 2006, 08:11
That one looks good, although as you say, nothing will download at the moment.

I have TR1 on the playstation only.

I'll carry on looking. Is there any other music that will work?

5th Mar 2006, 18:48
I have TR1 on the playstation only.

even with the playstation version you can extract the audio

use CDex (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/cdexos/cdex_151.exe?download) for instance