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14th Feb 2006, 08:13
Hi there... I am here back after a little brake.... And I am planning a new mission from my campaigne... So in this mission I want to make a war field between two groups and I need there dead bodies in a different poses... Two standart are not so pretty. Is there anybody who can write here some poses (from your imagine but able to make in dromed).... So could be fine... Thanks

John D.
17th Feb 2006, 13:23
I cant remember exactly how I did it, but if you look at the 2nd mission in Deep Trouble 2, there is a Mech ai I put in with a different death pose maybe that will help. :)

23rd Feb 2006, 12:48
Thanks, but I need more, than two, or three poses... If you know some very strange, I will like to use it.... Thanks, and I will look on your mission...