View Full Version : blurry text

12th Feb 2006, 17:32
hello. I bought this game just the other day and everything installed right. the problem was when I actually opened the game and everything I tried to read was really blurry. Like the main menu text and everything else. I have it set at 1024 but when i set the size to 1200 it looks a lot better. The only problem is that my game can barely run on this size as my computer cant handle it. That is why I have it set to 1024 but then I can barely read anything. Is there anyway to fix this without setting the screen size to 1200?

13th Feb 2006, 11:19
hi ragnarok,

I think IG runs best at high res, but not sure if it has to m8.
It sounds like you're having to use your screen resolution to compensate for a graphics glitch caused by your card drivers.

maybe check your card manufacturer's site and see if they have updated drivers that will work better.

hth m8