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11th Feb 2006, 08:05
This is my third time through the game, and all of a sudden in the Lower Libraries I can't pick locks any more. Chests just register as "nothing". The game ran completely bug-free the first two times. I just loaded the patch, but it didn't help at all.

I'm playing on XP, and my system can more than handle the game - I have a new graphics card, loads of memory, and am able to play every game I've bought recently with no trouble. Is this a known issue? I'm not good with "tweaking" my computer - I don't understand half of what's suggested on the tweaks guids, and am reluctant to try any of this without knowing what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated.

I just realized that I can't do much of anything. I can't finish the lower libraries because I cannot climb up the ladder. It doesn't register.

11th Feb 2006, 08:22
If you have been using QS you may have a corrupted save.

Go back through your saved games *they are there from day one*, use the UP/DOWN arrows to scroll the saves.

Go to the Options menu, LOAD SAVED GAME, then use your arrow keys to back up to a save just before you went down to the lower library.

If you can't do that (you don't have a save or can't find one) then REPLAY MISSION or go to the last save you have and replay from there.

Don't use only QS. It sometimes burps and corrupts the save file. So, now and then do a regular save. This will be listed with time and date so you should be able to find a good place to restart a mission without a full "Start from square one".

11th Feb 2006, 20:48
Thanks. I will try that.

I had noticed that the game was starting to stutter a bit in the few hours of gameplay - a case where an older video card worked better than a new one, I guess.

12th Feb 2006, 06:19
It didn't work. I restarted the mission, and in the lower libraries the game breaks down exactly like it did before at exactly the same point - once I'm in the lower Library I can't open chests, can't climb ladders or walls. Lots of stuttering in the game. I have always used lots of hard saves throughout the game anyway. This time I didnt use the quick save at all, but got the same result.

By the way - I also removed and reinstalled the game with the patch before I restarted the mission. So I guess the saves are corrupted a long way back.

I had the same trouble with Splinter Cell Chaos theory - about halfway through the game all my game saves became corrupted and I lost the whole thing. This is a completely souped up system with a new motherboard and a new video card. Everything seems to run beautifully - smooth and perfect - and then halfway through the game, it all falls apart.

Is there any way to get a game save for the beginning of the next mission?

12th Feb 2006, 07:28

You might put this in your favorites.

Good luck.

You are doing better than me. My whole system went down a day ago and I lost about 30 hours of Mpeg I was editing.

Fortunately it's on tape so I can recopy and start over.

13th Feb 2006, 01:01
Thanks for the information.

It says I need WinRar, and there is a trial version, but I can't work out which one I should download. Is there a specific one for XP?

Never mind - I already have winRar.

Now I have followed the instructions and have extracted the file to my Thief Saves folder, but how do I load the new game save? It does not appear on the Load list.

Ooops. Spoke to soon. I'm up and running again.


13th Feb 2006, 02:37
Now the downloaded save game is doing exactly the same thing.

Is there any way I can make this stop? I have reloaded the game, I've played it through before with no trouble, the cds are in perfect condition, and I am now at my wit's end.

13th Feb 2006, 03:18
You have a SYSTEM problem.

Run DXDIAG in the RUN panel. Check the sound and display functions.

Also list your system specs. Not the whole MSINFO sheet, just what is the CPU, the Vcard (and onboard if you have it) the MOBO, the Sound card.

I will presume you have disabled your onboard sound and video if you have them on the MOBO.

If this is an off the shelf system, then the specs and model will help also.

If you can, check the VSYNC. If it is on, turn it off, and visa-versa.

Check the ADMINISTRATOR>TOOLS>EVENT VIEWER and see if you have any ERROR flags, and what they are.

14th Feb 2006, 03:46
Running XP Professional with Direct X 9 c

Don't know where to find CPU.

Video Card is Geforce 6800

Don't know if there is an on-board video - do not know where to look.

Sound is Realtek AC 97Audio

Processor is AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+

I don't know where to find info on motherboard - ASUS?

The dxdiag does not report any problems.

14th Feb 2006, 04:38
On start of system hit F8, or DELETE to enter the BIOS.

Look at the very first screen when you turn the computer on. You should see something that says "to enter setup hit..." or Bios hit...

That will take you to the BIOS menus. Then you will have a choice of different options. READ THE KEY GUIDE at the side or bottom of the screen.

The first option is usually for the CPU information.
The top of the list will tell you the CPU.

Then you will have a setup screen choice for time/date/ etc.

Then another for setting the way the system reads the HDD and other devices.

Look at the information DON'T MAKE ANY CHANGES to what you see. JUST READ IT.

It will tell you the CPU (which you know) and the MOBO (motherboard) and whether you have onboard sound. You have GeForce video card so you are clear there.

Go here: www.belarc.com and download and run the ADVISOR program. It will detail your entire system. Not to fear, it is small and won't bork your system or cause mem loss.

14th Feb 2006, 07:28
Thanks so much for all the help. I'll check that out and get back when I have the information.

Gotta keep taffin'. I'm an addict.:D