View Full Version : Clan Problem

10th Feb 2006, 03:41
Did anyone ever figure out a solution to the problem of the game crashing at the My Clan screen?

10th Feb 2006, 06:54
Yeah, if you haven't noticed when you get to the My Clan screen as soon as you move your mouse the game crashes, so you have to use the arrow keys and the enter key.

10th Feb 2006, 13:14
Yeah I've tried that trick but for some reason that doesn't work for me either.

Do I need to not touch the mouse at all after loading the game up until I I check the clan screen or just at the online screen?

11th Feb 2006, 08:16
Oh sorry, I was thinking of the My Clan/Member list screen which is where I have to use that trick but your talking about just the My Clan screen, Ive never had this problem so im not sure what to tell ya, I guess we'll just have to wait for a patch unless someone else finds a solution.

1st Mar 2006, 07:45
To join a clan when you get a clan invite you will need sombody that has access to to click on "clan" inside the game. You will need to give them your online account details and they will log in and accept the clan invite.

Cheers !

PS Hurry the *@$*@ up EIDOS you pack of *@$*&@ release a god damm patch