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9th Feb 2006, 16:26
Is there already a mod that you can play also with the Dutch, or else is that mod coming, if not, does somebody want to make that mod?

9th Feb 2006, 16:51
Hi Dan,
there is a country switching mod from the guys at TAFN. I haven't tried it yet so not sure if it covers the Dutch forces or not, but I seem to recall it switches Batavia with France. Anyhow it's here:

Give it a whirl and maybe it will do what you want.
good luck dude,

10th Feb 2006, 15:08
Ok, i get it, i have open the files like data.pak etc. But now i read the read me of the mod where they say ''modify'' this following files. What do they actually mean with modify?

11th Feb 2006, 10:38
If you mean this literally then 'modify' means 'make changes to'.

You may mean 'how do I modify them' in which case they are usually files you can open in notepad and make edit changes there.

If you need specific modding software the readme or the TAFN site will tell you how to do that.

I imagine there's a list of files in the readme and suggested changes for each of them. Make the suggested changes for the mod to work.

Usually it is good practice to make a copy of original files you change, just in case things go wrong, so that you can replace your original files if you need to.

11th Feb 2006, 19:54
___________Switching countries_____________

This mod simply replaces the playable nations of different countries with the respective substitute (just thought I’d send this out so people could play around). It does not touch any skins or other pertinent info; to do a complete mod you need to modify the following files:

In the following folder:
\Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes\Gestion
Replace all the original countries names with the one substituted

Do the same for the following file in: \Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes\Gestion\Balanceo

The same for the following files (switch names):
\Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\texto\english\Management

Also in here:
\Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\texto\english\Management
Switch names in this file

In order to replace your skins(flags actually) the following files most be modified:
\Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\Game\UI--- Look through folders to find right files.

Switch both countries respective Icons using Photoshop or something similar to get the full effect.


Place the file “DefModeloGestion” from each file
In \Pyro Studios\Imperial Glory\Game\GameModes

This should allow these Countries to be playable, have fun and Good Luck!

That's the readme, but i don't get it at all! I can find that files at the top of the page, and so if i found them i don't know what to do with them..

12th Feb 2006, 16:47
That's easy to do -

Make a backup copy of the original files named above before changing them.
open them in notepad* and type the changes in then save them. (*Try to open the file, when the requester comes up choose to select a program to open the file in, then select notepad.)
When you play the game the changes should have been made.

If the files don't open in notepad at all then you probably need a dedicated mod tool on your system.

If things go wrong and the game doesn't work or anything, just replace the edited files with your backups of original files.

good luck m8.