View Full Version : Any mods plz come here.

9th Feb 2006, 03:57
ok i ask if you guys can make a official or unofficial mirc channel its will be easier for you guys to answer question , i know what your thinking , we will get spammed with question but no , you just can use a script who filter pm's
and put the channel to moderated so no one can talk on the channel , but can still pm other players and ask some question , you should be able to put official news , plus gamesurge is the number 1 chat for all online games who deserve to be in huge compitition like the CPL (CyberAthlet Professional League) .


Mirc server : Gamesurge : channel #25-tolife , for now iam holding the channel

server open The mirc channel is registered ...

Any official member of eidos getting operator , if they come .

All top 10 players get a op .

All top 5 clan get a op.

rank 11-20 players get a voice.

All welcome ..

9th Feb 2006, 19:33
you can connect on both gamesurge server EU or US they are linked in someway