View Full Version : Reset Stats when patch come out.

7th Feb 2006, 21:45
even if iam in top 5 and iam ranked 1 with my clan , yeah resets stats some ppls who dont deserve to be in top 10 is here cause of cheat so , when patch come out . all will be happy all ppl who acuse top players of cheating now wont have any excuse . and its will give a chance to legits ppl to get top 10 i just thinka bout new comers who try that game dude its may look like hell for them . anyway its another dream of mine a patch soon ?? never .....

7th Feb 2006, 21:47
is this for PC or ps2 also

7th Feb 2006, 21:57
is this for PC or ps2 also

Both i guess , i have heard ppls cheating on consoles to , bah i think...

7th Feb 2006, 21:59
they are on cosoles but they said players caught using codebreaker online will be banned and there stats reset.

7th Feb 2006, 22:02
yeah but its not an official news from eidos team , so dont expect it .

they will resets all stats iam 100 % sure of it .

9th Feb 2006, 20:28
yea it is, right here
Players that use cheats online will have their accounts banned and statistics reset. Check stats.25tolife.com for information about the latest update.

9th Feb 2006, 20:34
I agree with the topic. the stats should be reset WHENEVER the new patch comes out.