7th Feb 2006, 00:05
these are the cheaters i've ran into the past few day(in the brief time i played without errors an disconects)THESE ARE ONLY PEOPLE THAT ARE 100% Cheating no guesses or mabeys

YuCkFou. 2 days ago
<C-U>WusSupHoez yesterday
<C-U>:CU:scrwnchop yesterday [these fools have several people in the top 20 up into single digets they all cheat there clan stands 4 cheat-unit this is bs EIDOS HELLO YOU SAID THERE ACCOUNTS WOULD BE BANNED AN STATS ERASED. WELL THERE STILL CHEATING AND STILL MOVING UP RANK GOOD JOB EDIOS !!!!] ;) the whole <C-U> clan CHEATS THERE BUM LIL GIRLS
cheat-unit<--not making it up there real clan name go check it out or any <C-U> stats or rank. I have played against more than just the 2 above but dont remember there names but they all cheat watch out

<SNK>HalfAHomie yesterday
<cMf>DOWNS today

I will add em as i run into them if u cheat and i see u on my list u will go.Learn to play quit being bum AZZ Bytchsss... :mad:

If you yourselfs run into a person or crew your 100% sure there cheating feel free to let me know or reply THANK YOU WESTSIIIDEEEE

All replys regaurding cheaters names will be noted and posted on a sub post by me with ur user id as a imformation from other players note. Only the ones i personaly encounter and know for a fact there cheating will be posted in my main cheater screennames here. :thumbsup:

7th Feb 2006, 00:21
Are they ps2 players using codebreakers?

7th Feb 2006, 01:45
well i know the people i post are using 1 of the 3 Action Replay,Code Breakers or Game Shark

7th Feb 2006, 02:57
Then you want this thread.


7th Feb 2006, 03:39
i've seen them already but thanx.Im just glad 2 see that other people are out there trying to get the same thing done ,a end to the cheating.When ur playing 4 rank ,stats ,posistion is bs to cheat. it does'nt make you good cause your named the #1 rank or whatever if you have to cheat to get there,all it does is make you a bum that cheated people who earned the spot by merkin fools and recking shop on people.I just think people should get what the earn and UNTIL EDIOS DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT i will try to keep people aware of the bs wack cupcake lil cheaters out there so they can
play the game right and bounce out of games that these bums are in


7th Feb 2006, 11:01
Important message for Mr.PiTBULLZ.

I would've hoped that after your previous little threads about this got merged with the unofficial cheater report thread you would've gotten that it is unnecessary to have you own thread about this and it's much easier to use the one that already exists.