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5th Feb 2006, 22:13
Hi guys,
First of all allow me to say this game rocks. Yes, I know you guys have heard this cheating issues from many others and yet, we all been told to wait little bit more.. but c'mon now... There are tons of people who uses some kinda armor cheat, now lemme get this straith you guys want us to support you and wait. But how do we suppossed to be patient? I mean we spend our hard earned $$ to buy this game while we were hoping there wouldn't be cheating.. but not a chance.

There are tons of cheats but the worse is the ARMOR CHEAT, How do we solid none cheating honest players put up with that? have you ever played this game against this cheaters who wont die?? where is the fun? Can anyone explain to me why we should spend our money and not even able to enjoy the game? Please someone DEV or whatever stop this ARMOR Cheat thing. We spending hours to play to get on your ranking system.. it's really not funy anymore. So many peoople are pissed off, I can't explaine the frustration we are goin through. HELP please. I think time for you guys release the patch or do something about this and please do it soon.


- Jack

6th Feb 2006, 00:56
Eidos is currently working on this.

6th Feb 2006, 01:00
I'm with you Jack. I play this game all the time,great game. But the invincible,Madden fast running jukes and armor code pisses alot of people who play legit off! If they have a patch or voting system this game would be off the hook. If we knew when we could expect this it would help. Also if anyone knows about some more guns from the 1 player mode being available online?