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4th Feb 2006, 03:25
I've just got the game, as GB have gone to war with France and am doing okay except, unknown to me, France appaerently has ninjas for militia as they are the only French unit that can anhilate my men. I've read posts about the militia problem but at this time I do not have the double line formation. How would you mod militia stats if possible to make them more realistic?

4th Feb 2006, 04:15
Hi MikeJW,

Dunno if that can be done m8, I believe the *.sb file that controls the Militia unit behaviour (among others) is a binary file so not easy to mod. My info may be out of date though, I'm just going by what I can find in a search right now.

An alternative -
If you wanted to you could take the Militia out of the game by converting them to Line Infantry though, go here:

which (half way down in the post by officerpuppy) takes you here for the file:

I've tried it and it works just fine. No more Militia.

One thing to keep in mind though is that if you advance in the tech tree far enough to get to 'Square Formation' for your Line and Light Infantry you can use that to wipe out huge amounts of Militia coz they can't handle Infantry in square.

Failing the above - take a province that allows you to build those cost effective ninja Militia yourself and let them go toe-to-toe in a cheap battle that saves your best units for later.

hope some of that helps you m8

Edit -
1. Someone here did say they could edit the stats for units, but didn't say how. Not much use right now, but it can be done though.

2. You probably already know this, but just in case you didn't - the excellent BattleMod v1.1 by EAF274_Johan does improve the Militia problem too, among many other changes, it reduces the chances of countries building them in the first place. If you haven't already get it here:
Again, this works a treat and is a ton of fun to mess with even if it's not what you want right now.

4th Feb 2006, 04:55
Thanks for the reply. I'm fooling around right now with an unmodded game until I get the hang of the game but I think tommorrow I'll instal Battlemod and start over. How do you unlock the square formation? It was disappointing. I had marched on Paris with 2 captains and a contingent of cav and line infantry, survived a battle against 1 militia, arty and a few units of French lineman.My troops did splendid though I lost my cav taking the French arty. Imagine my disgust when next turn my troops who did so splendid against trained soldiers fell in no time to a wounded mob with sticks.

4th Feb 2006, 11:21

You may have noticed the Tech Tree is arranged (roughly speaking) with Logistics at the top, Military stuff across the middle, and Diplomacy along the bottom.

Unlocking the Square formation is a knock-on effect of one of the early military advances in Research Era 2, I can't say I noticed which one exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's the second one from the left, something to do with Advanced Infantry Training or Advanced Officer Training.

Anyhow, the message comes up that you can make squares when you get one of those 2 tech advances I think.

lol@ the line 'a wounded mob with sticks', but yeah it's a bummer. There was a scenario I played recently where I'd slapped the enemy's standing army six ways from tuesday, only to be faced with a patriot army the same turn that was 11 Militia and 1 Light Infantry strong. I had 4 Line Inf (mostly ok), 1 Militia (well mauled) and 1 Lancer regt. (damaged) so I kept the Militia and cav to the rear, sent the Line Inf forward and formed square, tempted the enemy to attack with the cav (who retreated quickly) and sat back to watch the fireworks. I sent the Lancers up to knock the Light Inf out between the enemy Militia and bob's your uncle. After a while I used the Militia and Lancers to mop up stragglers, but the Line Inf squares pretty much destroyed the whole enemy force with very little loss, perhaps 5% or 10%.

That square formation is just too nice sometimes :)

General Skobby
4th Feb 2006, 13:55
no-one can hurt people in squares except lancers or people actually firing at them.

they just run at them, ge hurt and run away and then back so have yout any units not in squares well away.

5th Feb 2006, 07:00
I tried out the square formation in quick battle and was amazed. I've started a new game as I didnt understand IG enough when I started. The manual is really bad for a game with so many subtle options and gameplay elements. I have been pleasantly surprised at how different my new campaign has been, not just from my better understanding but by how different the countries are acting.

6th Feb 2006, 03:48
heya MJW,
I'm real glad you're enjoying the game m8, it's a bloody treat isn't it?

If I were you I'd play as France to start with, I always find it to be the easiest empire to find your feet with. You can build your own Militia too, that way the enemy ones won't be such a pain in the arse by trashing your regular infantry.

and yeah, each time you play you'll find the other nations do different things, which is why it's so damned addictive ;)

gl m8