View Full Version : "Assertion Failed" error

2nd Feb 2006, 20:23
When I try to run the game, I see that error..
I know, the cause is my video card (gforce4mx440),but I read something about pixel and vertex shaders..there are emulators for them..I dont know emulators work or dont.
can anybody help me about this stuation..what should ı do? I dont wanna buy a new video card

3rd Feb 2006, 10:52
think if ur pc istn a high end devices u cant emulate pixel or vertex shaders....

go get an radeon9250,low price or midpricean x700

28th Apr 2006, 22:40
you can pop on new egg get a radeon 9800se for 57.00 bucks :) and softmod it to a 9800 PRO it opens the additional 4 piplines giving you 8! :D it's cheap effective! and runs the game flawlessly, as well as runs battlefield, and F.E.A.R at high settings, althoght with F.E.A.R i experienced some lag, but it wasn't drastic!!!!

30th Apr 2006, 21:24
I dont kno about dis shiet:mad2: