View Full Version : is that easy to cheat ?

2nd Feb 2006, 13:39
i see every days more cheaters and they still suck , and i still win by running away from them and nuking them with every gun i found on the floor .

well the game is going to be a "hit and run".

last night i played againts a kid he says , this game is a joke
i says your hp is a joke , he answer "lol if you know how easy is to cheat , you quit this poor game". and he says they wont fix it , i says yes a patch coming out , he says this too late cause this a file in the game already .

WoW !!!! please tell me this not truth if yes , eidos dont make more online games , stick with your offline games.

2nd Feb 2006, 14:00
i read about sthng. changing some lines in the code set ur health up up up or infinte ammo... check out this maniac **** listat as an offical 25 tolife clan!

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Sure let's link to the site that has cheats so that everyone can get them :rolleyes:

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2nd Feb 2006, 18:07
sorry but thats theproblem..

anyway.. this ****ing cheaters are out there

2nd Feb 2006, 21:02
Every game has cheaters, Hopefully eidos will release a new patch which will stop it. or even having an option so you can vote people out