View Full Version : Battlemod v.1.1 HELP!

2nd Feb 2006, 09:39
ok I got: Imperial Glory 1.0 I have not patched it

when I extract the files in the battlemod they end up in a folder in the main imperialglory folder. I then tried to start the game and nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong? please help

2nd Feb 2006, 15:23
I have to extract some files first.
Follow these instructions (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=51894)

2nd Feb 2006, 23:07
ok I got the game to start now...but a few minutes into the game the whole screen goes white.

that's mostly likely because my computer is bad right? I got 512 mb ram and a vert old motherboard.

3rd Feb 2006, 12:58
yeah I figured it out, it's lack of memory.

I was able to play a custom battle though and this mod rocks!

The AI didn't bayonet charge me for once! he fired his artillery on me from a safe distance and the infantry actually fired their muskets on me!

the only bayonet charge the AI did was against a lonely artillery unit on the my right flank...brilliant mod, thanks!

15th Feb 2006, 03:21
Version two of this mod is out. You can find it at the TAFN database.

Dasara II
15th Feb 2006, 20:52
Version two of this mod is out. You can find it at the TAFN database.

Excellent downloading now :)

I have been playing version 1.1 and now looking forward to the new command size limit increases.