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2nd Feb 2006, 07:37
JIS, as you may know, supposedly retired from Dromed a few years ago. Nevertheless, he has just sent me three missions, including a brand new mission, F2, no relationship at all to F. I don't know if this means he is back in business or just cleaning house. The other two missions are Elevator V2 and Hammer and Garret FINAL, the latter to be announced shortly. But this post is about F2.

F2 is a large key and lock hunt that has a couple of problems: There are no objectives, and it does not end. In addition, Garrett is invulnerable and armed with a BJ, 1000 broadheads, and 1000 speed potions (for traversing the large map). Game play is a little silly, but the map is pretty good, if you like key hunts. I am wondering two things about this mission.

(1) Is it possible, at this stage, for someone else to complete it? JIS explained the mission problems as follows using a poor automatic translator:

A clear setup of F2 has not been carried out. Although it was the schedule of an end when progressing into the spacecraft, since I also have a blank considerably, he forgets the method of a setup.

Moreover, although the work itself was already completed in 2003, data eliminates it by failure of HDD etc. It corrected that got having deposited with others with sufficient fate again, and it carried out the unjust end as of 2003, and released in 2005.

Since F2 has not set up, it cannot be ended. If it enters into a spacecraft, please make it an end.

I interpret this as follows, not knowing anything about Dromed, and not being sure about the translation. There is evidently a process called setup which needs to be done to tie it all together. JIS lost his mission development files in a hard drive crash, but he salvaged the game itself in an apparently incomplete state from someone else's hard drive. He does not remember how to set it up. He has released it as is, but is unable to complete it because it was not set up. The mission should end when you enter the spacecraft.

Check me if I am wrong in this interpretation.

So, my question is, does such a scenario make sense, that it cannot be completed? Or could something useful be done if you had only the mission files?

(2) Any vounteers? I think it needs not only the bugs fixed but some additional loot and improved gameplay. The latter could be fixed by making Garrett vulnerable, adding a sword, and changing a couple of AI placements. If anybody is interested, I will ask JIS' permission.

John D.
2nd Feb 2006, 12:24
Strange, I've only poked around an FM or two of JIS and dropped it due to difficulty/strangeness-are there any screenshots available for us to look at?

2nd Feb 2006, 13:44
If noone can be found, the mission could be sent to The Thieves' Warehouse so that someone could take it on at a later date:

2nd Feb 2006, 14:32
By 'setup', he probably means getting it Darkloader-ready, or just adding actual objectives and cleaning it up. I've taken on way too much lately and have no time for it, but Robin's suggestion is a good one if there are no takers. But you're much more likely to find a taker at TTLG than here.

John D.
2nd Feb 2006, 16:18
If it enters into a spacecraftInteresting... :) I wouldnt mind taking a look at it, no promises-but it sounds like there's some kind of hi-tech element to it, something I know a little about. :cool: ;)