View Full Version : need to fine players

1st Feb 2006, 18:59
hi i just got this game for ps2 to day and there is no one online pis someone add me to there friend list and play to day my name on the game is megadeath2006 i will keep on checking htanks on let's get the people beck on and have fun.

silent shoota
1st Feb 2006, 19:16
wut up dude ill go online right now

silent shoota
1st Feb 2006, 19:24
yo im online right now and i sent u a friend invite

21st Feb 2006, 22:37
hi have just picked up prject snow blind for £5.00, will be recieving in mail soon, anyone wanna add me to their freinds list. Hvae sorted user name out yet but must likely be boboinc or some dirirative of it. will post proper name when I am registered. Are their many players online still?

27th Feb 2006, 18:54
Hi everyone,
Online player looking to populate a friends list. just got Snowblind and am really excited to get some online matches going. will be checking this thread daily. callsign: **d34d$h0t** GAME-ON!!

silent shoota
13th Mar 2006, 21:22
yo check me out im on the top 15 bobonic, send me a friend invite, only like 10 people are on at a time sumtimes 20 but i retired awhile ago but im willing to come back............also check out this site and register....this is where most of the reired veterans from project snowblind talk www.psbclanwars.proboards44.com

19th Mar 2006, 05:08
what up guys! Sevenlast here. Anyone seen me online as of yet? Got the game days ago and lovin' the smooth online framerate...(I'm coming from killzone..eugh) Send me an Invite I'll add you guys!


silent shoota
19th Mar 2006, 13:06
yo sevenlast ill play psb send me a friends invite

my name is: Silent-Shoota25

19th Mar 2006, 19:22
alright cool, ill send as soon as i get in. most likely tonite.:D

silent shoota
1st Apr 2006, 15:45
aight play on sunday night....ill play

5th Apr 2006, 01:58
I might have played sunday night, can't remember..probably had a bad night. lol Did you see me on?

silent shoota
14th Apr 2006, 20:08
yea i saw u, u werent too good, lol.....i was owning everyone

16th Apr 2006, 19:03
lol silent u still go on this...that game is old dude...lol btw this is billa (aka Paul_wall)