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John D.
1st Feb 2006, 02:20
1. The Ground Emergency Light seems to stay lit even when you make self lit or extra light 0, I have several that are flashing but they look funny-any other way to correct this?

2. I recently reinstalled Thief Media Edit and now am getting an error called 'ZipMsgXX.res is probably not linked to the executable Missing String ID is: 10604' What's that? :confused:

1st Feb 2006, 14:52
Emergency Light

If you look at the properties on the archetype you'll see that it's not 'illuminted', it has the Render Type set to 'Unilit'. That's setting is a bit misleading. Think of it this way: Shadows are a part of the lighting system. The renderer makes textures dark and then 're-brightens' them where there are light sources. So Unlit means: Show the textures in their original form.

The texture lighting is wrong anway, because you wouldn't expect the whole thing to be illumineted, just the 'bulb' section.
Nameless Voice made a fixed version: http://www.geocities.com/nameless_voice/Downloads/3DModels/Emergl2.zip
In the readme are instructions telling you what changes to make to the archetype.

To get the texture illumination to match the state of the light (i.e. On or Off), set the AnimLight property to be something constant (min/max brightness or smoothly dim/brighten) and use a FlickerTrigger to control it instead.

A thread on TTLG suggests it's due to a bad download.

John D.
1st Feb 2006, 15:15
I found what the trouble with Thief Media Edit is, I didnt unzip the .dll files it came with into my Thief installation. I did that and created a shortcut to the desktop and now it works great. :thumbsup: I'll try the Ground light stuff later. :) Edit-Got it, looks right now! thanks. :thumbsup: