View Full Version : MOB nogood clan

31st Jan 2006, 08:48
MOB.... if you ever play these guys watch out. they only play with the sniper kit and spawn kill like wussies. also, on the board with the tennis courts they snipe through the bushes(glitch)! If ya play don't do it with these guys. They are not any fun to play with and are wanna be thugs. The truth of the matter is that they are all upper middle class white kids that wanna be hard core. Especially "I smoke Hydro" he is the biggest wuss of them all and can't play the game worth a flip. Go back to halo boys...Ya make me sad!

31st Jan 2006, 17:14
what system do they play on?

31st Jan 2006, 17:21
what system do they play on?
I think they play on PS2.

31st Jan 2006, 21:35
LoL he must be mad cuz they musta massacured him.

1st Feb 2006, 03:09
Hehehe, Never played with them before. I probably will soon :cool:

3rd Feb 2006, 05:43
xbox is the system. yes a couple of times the did massacre us. if you read the original post you would know why. spawn killers. we were out numbered, and every time we spawned, we were dead before we could move.
MOB are Biatches