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30th Jan 2006, 21:01
when do you start attacking is it good to wait till thay attack you or you have to attack first ? and it is better to wait atacking till the second era ? when do you start attacking guys cos when i start attacking everybodt start attacking me and it takes me a lot of army to defeat the others

also sometimes in a battlee it says that you have to conquer two buildings to win a battle i always conquer those buildings but they don't say i won anything and i have to have total victory to win the battle what's the problem ?

if you finish the masters of the sea quest , will sloops be constructed in your cities that have coasts even if they don't have trade ports ?

what are those light infantry for ? they always get killed fast how do you command infantry to fight not to shoot ? cos even when, i press the button that has swords in the bottom left they still keep shooting

what is the fastest wat to annex the invaded country ? cos even when i put troops in city under siege it only get annexed by 10 percen each tour ? what to do to make it faster ?pls help and thank you very much

31st Jan 2006, 12:25
hello again kingking,

What I do in terms of attacks etc is to read the play of the computer before making that decision - click on the enmy officers around you and see if you can overpower them (bearing in mind that the enemy may also have garrisoned troops and may also raise a patriot army after you defeat their regular forces). Try to deploy your best and largest forces against weaker opponents and you have a good chance of winning. Also avoid war with too many nations at once if you can, make alliances with some nations before fighting the others.

The battle conditions may indeed state that you need 2 buildings to win, but you have to wait until the timer at the top middle of your battle screen runs out (often about 20 or so minutes from getting the buildings). You have to take and hold those buildings.

When you get those sloops they appear in the sea next to your military ports, you don't need trade ports.

You're right that Light Infantry are weak in hand to hand combat, but they are better at ranged fire and move faster (especially if you use the patched and modded versions of Light troops). In all honesty they are not that different from Line Infantry since they have no skirmish order - which is what they were really used for in reality. Use them to garrison buildings and they are more effective. If you want troops to go to hand to hand combat press and hold SHIFT then right click the enemy.

There is a tech tree development that allows you to annex countries quicker (I think it's under Autocratic development) but in general terms you should deploy as many troops as possible to the newly occupied country, the more troops that you have there the faster it will be annexed.

I hope all that helps m8 ;)

General Skobby
24th Feb 2006, 11:16
honestly i ve never won through time

25th Feb 2006, 16:16
Heya General,
It can be done - especially if you are defending, just take one of the victory condition buildings and hold it while attacking the enemy Artillery with your Cavalry. If you knock out their ranged arty and deplete their numbers enough they will stand off and wait the clock out.

Easy win really, if you can do it without commiting everything to the fight-to-the-death scenario that normally happens.

General Skobby
25th Feb 2006, 19:23
They just leg it to me and most I get is 12 mins till the end by the time I manage to hold off against them.

26th Feb 2006, 00:18
hehe yeah, I hear you General, that's pretty much how it usually goes ;)