View Full Version : Lara needs you :)

30th Jan 2006, 15:02
Hey all,

The BBC's creating a shortlist for great British Design icons, and Lara has made the short list, but we need your help to go further.


Please place your vote for Lara, and help us put Lara back on top. I believe this may be already posted somewhere else, so apologises for that



30th Jan 2006, 15:15
Just voted!

Didnt realise GTA was a british game though! :eek:

star girl
31st Jan 2006, 11:23
just voted myself. hope she makes it through.

Chris Daly
31st Jan 2006, 13:48
Hi I voted for Lara .. come on girl... :p

Sophia Leigh
31st Jan 2006, 22:15
just voted myself. hope she makes it through.
Me too :)

1st Feb 2006, 01:49
i voted Lara is so gunna win how could she lose against a vacuum???

really fly
2nd Feb 2006, 14:42
I love tomb raider, I love Lara Croft,so I voted.

5th Feb 2006, 00:05
Hi, i voted for Lara She is da bomb!!!!
She has to win

Come on girl!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cool: :p :o

Dragu Slave
5th Feb 2006, 13:31
I vote everyday :D

6th Feb 2006, 00:27
voted! TR for ever! :thumbsup:

Chris Daly
10th Feb 2006, 17:03
The next round starts on the 16th 7pm ( UK time ) lets hope Lara
makes it through into the top 10 :p