View Full Version : Choose what to say. POSSIBLE?

29th Jan 2006, 20:36
Will it be possible to choose what to say? I loved it in AOD :p
Lara could be nice or.......NOT :D :D :D
What do you think?

29th Jan 2006, 20:40
haha i dont like that..and y'kn ow what when i played AOD i didnt know what that was..it wasnt till i was like 4 hrs in that i figured out u can pick what to say lloll....i just kept pressing x lol...no wonder that guy shot me in the face once lol

30th Jan 2006, 04:06
LOLOL that's funny :D . I had the same kind of situation too. I was talking with that Madame Carvier, and the conversation suddenly stops with two white sentences. I'm like (..... :) ...... :o ..... :confused: ..... :( ...... :mad: ). Lara and her just stood there - I'm like "HELOOOOOOO?!?! keep talking? There's already subtitles on the screen so why can't they just read it from there if they forgot their lines?!?! I got so mad I was having epilectic seizures over the game - screaming at the screen and stuff until I realized that you have to decide which dialogue you want to speak through :eek: :D . OO man I'll never forget that.

30th Jan 2006, 05:46
I think that Legend is going to have a very good, detailed story which would make it hard to include RPG-type elements like choosing dialogue and stuff like that. Probably Lara's words are crucial to whatever they've got planned and either having dialogue choices would ruin the story, or the dialogue choices would all result in the same thing anyway (in which case, what's the point?).

30th Jan 2006, 17:08
They did promise the story to be engaging...where did I read that from...I think it used to be from the official site...meh. I like the story-line in Tomb Raider I, II and VI. They were the coolest. But I think out of those 3, Tomb Raider I had it :D

30th Jan 2006, 18:07
I'm expecting the storyline in Legend to be on the same level as the Legacy of Kain storylines. I can't imagine how Legacy of Kain would have been if we had gotten to choose what Kain and Raziel said throughout the games. A very strong point in the LoK games is hearing the dialogue for the first time, when you don't know what's coming, and being shocked, surprised, or impressed at the characters' personalities and at the sheer cleverness of their responses. I hope the same thing happens in Legend, which probably wouldn't be possible if *we* choose Lara's personality instead of the story writers.

30th Jan 2006, 18:08
I Really dont' wanna be able to choose what Lara can say (=.=)

30th Jan 2006, 18:24
I realy liked it :p