View Full Version : May buy, have 2 quick questions

29th Jan 2006, 08:07
I may pick up IG as it seems an interesting game. I've heard there is no issuing commands while the game is paused but can you pause the game and move the camera? Also, what mods do you recommend?

29th Jan 2006, 19:03
You cant pause but you can slow down time after the patch. And yes you can move the camera all over the place and zoom.

29th Jan 2006, 19:42
So theres no pausing at all other than ESC? Thats stupid. I liked pausing the battles in R:TW and moving the camera around certain scenes because it looked so cool. Well, I'll probably pick it up tommorrow if Wal-Mart has any copies.

31st Jan 2006, 12:11
As officerpuppy said you can slow time down m8, it's as good as pause since in the patched version it goes as low as (I think) -8 speed. You don't really need to pause beyond that.

1st Feb 2006, 00:57
Okay, I'm sold. Just have to find a place that has a copy. When I wasnt interested I saw IG in all the stores even a couple of weeks ago. Now that I want IG I cant find a copy.

1st Feb 2006, 03:14
oh and the second part of your question about recommended mods:

BattleMod v1.1 by EAF274_Johan
This has a whole lot of improvements in it, from unit size increases to range and movement speed changes. Read the info for yourself, it's very impressive.

English menu flag V.1 by Officerpuppy
A much more attractive and accurate Union flag for map view, which is nice.

French1806campaign by GeraldDuval
Now this is a terrific mod that skins infantry in realistic campaign gear, very nice mod indeed this one, makes zooming in worth it for the skins.

igmod_frdragoon by Martico
As it suggests this one re-skins the French Dragoons (and really well). Martico has put a few great mods out in fact, check out his other work, it's all good stuff and his readmes are very clear too.

DefModeloGestion by Daddeeo51
This is a mod that increases the number of units each level of commander can carry, great for larger set piece battles.

Papal States mod V.1 also by Officerpuppy
Another lovely skinpack, one of many splendid efforts in skinning.

Spanishskinpack - by someone who remains nameless I think (?) If the creator of that skinpack reads this then thanks from me ;)
Another truly lovely skinpack anyhow.

Those are the mods I've tried out so far, but the TAFN site has loads more -
and of course huge thanks to all the dudes mentioned above, great work guys, credit to ya.

Edit - and of course update your copy of the game to version 1.1, it's much improved in several key ways.

1st Feb 2006, 04:35
I've ordered IG and should have it by the weekend so thanks. I've already downloaded the patch and most of the recommended mods at TAFN but I didnt see the dragoon mode by Martico.

1st Feb 2006, 17:21
Hi Mike,
I just had a good old search both here and at TAFN and tbh I can't find it either .. dunno where I got it now, but maybe someone who knows who he is could ask him if he has it upped someplace perhaps?

Edit - actually scratch that, I have his email addy so will contact him and ask if he has the mod upped or if I can distribute it for him (his readme doesn't specify so best to be sure)

Edit 2 - lol I am getting old, I forgot where I had got the mods and it turns out they were from his own site hehe
Go to www.martico.co.uk and there they all are :)

1st Feb 2006, 23:29
Again, thanks. I can tell this is a friendly community.