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Chris Daly
29th Jan 2006, 07:05

Opera the best internet browser experience people from Norway
have a facility to design a Opera Skin.

As a sign of world co-operation it would be great if there was a
Tomb Raider influenced and designed skin. I have checked and
nobody has ventured this far. Home for instance could
be a little image of the mansion, voice could be Lara's headset,
view could be the binoculars... get the idea. :p

Any copyright issues would have to be resolved in favour of
people freely using the Tomb Raider skin and perhaps Eidos advertising
Legend in the free version advertising space or having the franchise
better known by a specific TR skin for us to all enjoy :p .

Here is the link for designing a skin at Opera

Thanks I look forward to hearing about any issues and
I hope this is possible. :) / Chris

29th Jan 2006, 09:38
And one for IE (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/previous/webaccess/tbwlpapr.mspx) too :p

http://www.dhama.co.uk/trs.jpg :D

Chris Daly
29th Jan 2006, 10:06
Hi dhama
So a choice of 10 or so skins predetermined by Microsoft is choice !! :D
I didn't spot Lara amongst the 10 despite your posted image- very clever
and a nice image of Lara though. :)

Unlike IE , Opera support individual community design of their browser
skin for distribution ...yes Eidos Forum members can design a skin
for all the world to use and see.The differences in outlook should
be obvious Opera invite your contribution in friendly development
of their browser. http://www.opera.com

Perhaps you have the URL for the public to design a IE browser skin
Im waiting on that one .... ?? :D

Currently on offer 380 skins at Opera , none of which are Tomb
Raider influenced hence the thread I have posted inviting comment
on achieving a Tomb Raider Opera browser skin... lots of fun. :p

29th Jan 2006, 12:29
It's not a manipulated pic, this tool once installed, appears in the Tools menu. You can add any pic if you put it in the Windows directory where your desktop piccies are stored. Make the pic about the same size as the tool bar strip and select it from the list. ;)

Chris Daly
29th Jan 2006, 12:43
Yes thats fine for the individual IE browser user, but what about
distributing it further than your own PC so others can enjoy TR themes
featured on their browser, in a creative you can join in too with
its development environment -distributed worldwide and downloadable
for others to enjoy ? :) Hmm...

Some wise person I think it was Loreena McKennitt
in her suggestions for life said "Think inclusively"

So my suggestion is that we here at Eidos Forums TR ,actively
contribute to a TR theme skin with Opera, I have started
a few suggestions , and it would be great to achieve an
original well thought out design, maybe a skin celebrating
each TR game.... now there is a thought. :p