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27th Jan 2006, 21:49
i am new to the game pl help when do we start battles ive been playing for many turns now do i have to start a battle with a country or wait till thay attack me pls help
also when i recruit simple officers not commanders after recreuiting them i can't put them under the commanders that are availble in the begining of the game pls help thanks

28th Jan 2006, 05:02
I could say RTFM, but I'm feeling generous ;)

Your first question:
After a few turns you should have enough forces to try a battle, but you don't have to wait to be attacked - you can:

1. Go to the handshake icon on the bottom right of the screen and click it - this will open a new window that has icons down the left hand side, about half way down is one to declare war on another country. When you click that icon you get to click the map to show which country you want to fight with. On the next turn you will be at war and any province where your two forces meet will be the battlefield.

2. Click and drag your commander onto an enemy territory without declaring war first. If you do this you will lose sympathy across the board, but will be at war straight away, so be ready to fight.

Your second question:
You don't put commanders under other commanders, you must put troops (militia, infantry, cavalry or artillery) under commanders. You build troops in your capital cities by researching technologies and buildings that allow units to be made.

If you look in the install folder of the game you should find a manual in pdf format, maybe have a read of that sometime ;) If you don't have anything that will open it, try a Google search for 'adobe acrobat' and you should find the right program (it's free too). Acrobat may be on the Imperial Glory install disk now I think of it.

Hope that helps you out, dude.

28th Jan 2006, 08:13
thank you for answering my question but for the second question the problem is when i recriut a mlitia i can't put under a already existing commander i only can put under a new recruited commander u see what i mean ? and what is RTMF ? thanhks

28th Jan 2006, 08:15
and another question if i don't attack they will finish by attavking me eventually or i am the one who has to start a battle thanks

28th Jan 2006, 12:28
If you want to put troops under a commander they have to be in the same province (maybe for one whole turn) so that may be the problem you have.

RTFM means to Read The Manual, you will have one in the root directory of the game.

As for being attacked - well that happens anyway eventually, the trick is to find a way to survive the early stages of the game until you have enough forces to attack other players. Try making alliances to reduce the number of enemies you will have, that's what the computer players tend to do.

hth dude.

28th Jan 2006, 13:11
thank youo my freind for answering me i tought rtmf meant reboot the ****ing machine lollllllllllllll
for the recruiting thing i can take a militia from a commander that already started with the game and put it with another commander in another territory even if they are not in the same place for a whole turn but the problem is after just recruiting a militia it only can be put with a commander that has been just recruited not a one that already existed , and after i put them together then and only then i can move the newly recruited militie to another commander even if they are not in the same territory u see my problem my freind ? any ideas any help thanks

28th Jan 2006, 17:56
hi again Kingking,
If I understand you correctly dude then you are describing how the game works for everyone. If you wish to exchange troops between commanders they do have to be in the same territory, unless the recipient commander doesn't move, in which case they can exchange troops between territories that are next to each other.

Basically the 2 commanders must be near each other to exchange troops up to their maximum number of slots.

Does that make sense matey?

28th Jan 2006, 19:50
i understand my freind now but i have a little question how do i heal the wounded soldiers i put them in a territory where there is hospital but they don't recover,
also how can you start a commercial treatyi select the country that i wanna do the commercial treaty with but the button to lanch the treaty stays gray not highlighted and if i make a commercial treaty does it improve the income ?
and anther question pls i have commercial routes with smoe countries but it doesn't seelm to bring any income ? how do you upgrade your commercial route to the next level ? what are the ways to improve your income thanksssss :thumbsup:

29th Jan 2006, 03:58
Those hospitals you mentioned are civil hospitals and are there to increase your population mate, they don't heal troops I'm afraid. Look here for info on what to do to heal your troops - http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=54981
ricca and c00lizz have given a very good answer indeed in that thread (thanks go to them).

If you check out the search button on the toolbar near the top of the page you can search these forums for words like 'hospital' etc. and find threads about topics you need info on ;)

As for commercial treaties I can only assume you are trying to make a treaty (or exchange goods?) with a country who isn't an ally or neutral. If you are in conflict with a country they won't trade with you. I may have missed the point though on that question.

I think commercial routes (seem to) look after themselves - when you have gained territories they automatically activate. I could be wrong, but I think that's how it happens. I don't pay a lot of attention to them, unless I need routes to make quests available. Another member here will most likely be able to give you a better answer to that one.

I Hope that was useful matey.

29th Jan 2006, 06:48
the countries that im trting to make a commercial treaty with are not in conflici with but still i can't launch the treaty we are more in good relation
for the quests i engaged the rosettta stone questsd it tells me you need three infatry group i three infantry groups but still the icon is not checked in the quest board what's the problem .
and how do i open a commercial route with egpt do i have to invade it first ? have a commercial treaty with it first ? what do i have to do ? thanks

31st Jan 2006, 12:40
I'm not sure, but maybe you need to research the tech that allows you to build trade branches etc?

There was a thread here that gave you instructions on how to claim that quest in case you were not clicking the right buttons - have a search and you should find it.

Aha! I found a few:

and best of all:

You really need to use that SEARCH button m8 ;)

As for commercial routes - I think you need to occupy a port in the area close to Egypt denoted by the route lines in commercial view.


31st Jan 2006, 19:15
thank you my freind foe answering my questions
i figured out the infantry selecting thing and how to do commercial treaties

but i wanna ask you is there a way to make a trade route with egypt and the alexandria port still in fog ? can i move a sloop ship till tha alexandria port to make visible from fog and then move a brigantine to it ? is taht possible

31st Jan 2006, 23:36
I dont think you can conduct business with any

country thats fogged in. You have to expand your sphere

of influence by advancing thru the era.

Gradually the fog lifts, and are able to interact with them.

Till then you only have the visible map.

Hope I understood your question.

1st Feb 2006, 00:46
Yes Thanks Ricca And Lefevbre