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26th Jan 2006, 02:21
First of all I think all of you people just need to stop complaining about things that are wrong with the game.This game is great but its new and issues are going to happen but they will be fixed just give it some time.I think the reason why most people are getting disconnected while being in a game atleast is in between rounds people are talking on the mic's and it disconnects alot of people.I think you guys should make it to where people cant talk in between rounds it would keep alot of people from getting disconnected alot.Also today I've come across a few people that were already cheating on the video game.25 to life is great but if people start cheating like they have it will ruin the game.So I hope that you guys are working on something to prevent people from cheating.

26th Jan 2006, 03:12
i agree.....

26th Jan 2006, 04:49
cheating is the worst isssue servers are better but not as good as they should be.... when cheating is gone i'll love playing i may not play untill they fixed it because it's so bad playing w/ these kids and not being able to kick them... and then trying to join a new room and u can't ****ty deal eh?

26th Jan 2006, 07:57
well you should get up private game. thats one of the good things about 25tl. NO PWs. :thumbsup:

29th Jan 2006, 22:35
I Disagree... This Game Should Not Have Been Released Until These Major I Repeat Major Problems Were Fixed..

The Cheating Wouldnt Have Ever Happend If The Dnas Was Working Propperly

31st Jan 2006, 03:35
yo your right i tell this to everyone but they just cant stand that they get disconnected but everybody needs to just shutup