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25th Jan 2006, 21:08
Hey , ive tried to ask people about how to accept a clan invite ..
and i cant get any information cause they are so lazy to tell me ingame
ive tried to click on my clan but it crashes there
i wanna click the claninvite icon what displays every time you login you come online ingame.
does anyone know how to ..
thx :thumbsup:

25th Jan 2006, 22:27
Yo ThaG ... I've got the same problem and I can't figure out where to accept the clan invititation. Maybe it's because I just started playing 2 days ago... Ahumm well anyways.. Is there anyone who could help ?

25th Jan 2006, 22:32
its either in clan menu or friends menu

25th Jan 2006, 22:35
clan menu ? where .... There is no option to accept a clan invite in friends menu.....

26th Jan 2006, 09:22
the problem is the NOCD crack ! gotta use the original exe ... then chaNGE back to nocd again ! easy:D :thumbsup:

22nd Feb 2006, 07:55
Juat go to my clan...Then theres a thing that says invatations...Or go to friends...And there ur invatations...

27th Feb 2006, 19:04
yo wuts up if u have the pc version just send me a friend invite to "Cubamix" and i will get u in a clan easy because i bought da game and mine doesnt crashes so i had done dis a lot, so just do dat:D but tell me in dis post if u sended it because i will not acepct it if u send it and dont tell me here ok.:D

28th Feb 2006, 08:40
Mostly because you have downloaded the RELOADED no-cd crack. If you have the original CD WHICH YOU SHOULD!!! Try using it :).. It works trust me, i had to revert back to my original .exe after realising the crack causes the game to crash.

26th Mar 2006, 01:37
to accept a clan invite, log on, go to "my clan" then when that loads, go down to "invitations" ... in this screen there will be "outgoing invitations" and "incoming invitations" select "incoming invitations" you will see who has sent u some near the middle bottom of the screen, scroll down, and select accept, you are now part of a clan

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

30th May 2006, 06:41
Im Getting Tired Of Telling People Any One Else??

7th Jun 2006, 00:11
Yall shoulda know when u bought the game
:mad2: :lol:

8th Aug 2006, 01:55
all u have to do is u see a list of things at da menu like find match and if u LOOK at da bottom ull see clan and then u hit x and u see a new menu that says invitations create clan and outter stuff well click invitations and another menu will show all the clan invites the hit X on da one u want or hit block,accept,deny,cancel