View Full Version : Commandos Strike Force a la venta el 17 Marzo

25th Jan 2006, 12:55
Proein informs to us by means of press note that Pyro Studios and Eidos will send to Commandos Strike Force the 17 of March of 2006 in Europe. Its launching will take place in PC, PS2 and Xbox. You remember that although it takes the name of the well-known saga, this game will be of action in first person, again acclimated in prolĂ*fica World War II. Source http://www.commandosspain.es

19th Feb 2006, 13:08
too long to wait....oh well

19th Feb 2006, 14:12
"Too long to wait" :confused: that's only just over 3 weeks away.

19th Feb 2006, 18:34
oh ye.....meh not that bad then lol