View Full Version : Respawn killers

24th Jan 2006, 21:14
It seems to me that most players/clans get all their points from waiting in the same area as the other teams respawn points, just to kill them. I have had this happen numrerous times. These people are just losers who can't play for real.

24th Jan 2006, 21:29
no... i dont care i just own them when i spawn. It doesnt mean they cant play, it means you aint quick on the draw...

26th Jan 2006, 00:05
its hard to take out six players at one time when you respawn. Don't get me wrong I have played games where I have never died but those dinks just cheat all together

26th Jan 2006, 08:05
True, that always sxx, but it can go both ways too. it's in the timing.