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12th Jul 2012, 16:23
What I wouldn't give to play vs Leneth Valkarie in FFXIII-2 in the Collesuem

And for **** and giggles... Lezard to back her up and lay the Magic Smark down.. to be interupted by Shantoo from FFXI and teach that fool real Ancient Magic. LOL

12th Jul 2012, 21:45
You serious?

15th Jul 2012, 11:40
I agree with the first line.

the one about lezard is just weird

24th Nov 2012, 16:50
Well the Shantoto thing should be left out...

But Lezard appearing would have been perfect, considering Lezard's voice actor in "Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria" was Liam O'Brien, the guy who voiced Caius. :P

23rd Feb 2015, 03:41
I bet it would be fun to have Sora in the mix.