View Full Version : Still "made in Denmark"?

22nd Jan 2006, 21:48
I remember Hitman, it was made here in Denmark..
It was really cool, that we in such a small country could make it.

25th Jan 2006, 14:08
IO Interactive is still Danish, yes, and they are the ones that develop the Hitman games. Eidos is just publishing and doing PR and maybe testing and customer services. You can visit IOIs website and read more about them: www.ioi.dk

Don’t forget that many countries in Scandinavia and the rest of northern Europe despite their low populations have made some of the world greatest games. Denmark has the Hitman series, Sweden has Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis and the other grand strategy games from Paradox, Norway has the highly acclaimed "The Longest Journey"/"Den Lengste Reisen", and Remedy, the company behind the Max Payne series, is Finnish. Only Iceland has still to make a really good game.

Selv er jeg norsk. Ha en fin dag, nabo i sør!

25th Jan 2006, 20:33
Only Iceland has still to make a really good game.
Iceland is behind EVO online (http://www.eve-online.com/), which was recently voted as the best MMO game.

26th Jan 2006, 13:07
Really? That was news to me. Unbelievable that each and every one of the Nordic nations have made really good games, and in nearly all genres.

I see you're Swedish. I hope you have tried the Paradox games, especially Hearts or Iron II. A deeper, more complex, and more realistic grand strategy game does not exist. The setting is WW2, and you can control any of the nations involved, and a grand campaign will usually last for more than 3 weeks if you play quite a lot. The game is also a really good way to learn a lot about the war and the events and leaders involved.

Du får ha en fin dag også du. Alltid moro med andre skandinaver på forumet.