View Full Version : Help with strategy for my 8 year old!

Laurence Harris
22nd Jan 2006, 21:43
My son is really enjoying the game but is STUCK in Episode 3 chapter 3...How do you defeat the guy with the double light caber? How do you climb up to attack him once he goes to the top of the stone hill? The other guy cannot jump up that high? Thanks for anyone's assistance..I have a very frustrated little boy.

Richard W.
31st Jan 2006, 19:23
I believe you're describing the part where you must use your Jedi's Force to stack some Lego bricks into a short platform, and then use Cody's blaster to set off the bomb behind Gen. Grievous.

Make Cody jump on top of the platform, and shoot at the top of his arc, and it's supposed to let you hit the bomb. Godd luck if you're playing the PC version, though, because it's a difficult shot.