View Full Version : [pc]wtf!! Cant Even Play Single Player

22nd Jan 2006, 12:21
It still lags for 4 seconds every once a while even on singleplayer....

same wit eveyrone else?

22nd Jan 2006, 17:24
If it is lagging on single player, that sounds like a console or pc issue and not the game itself. When my first ps2 start going crazy especially before i opened it up and cleaned the laser eye my games would freeze or break up slightly. once i cleaned the eye it was much better but eventually it finally died on me.

If you take the game to a friends house and play single player does the same thing happen? If it does then I would look at the copy of the game you have.

Im not a professional but single player shouldnt lag at all unless something is interupting the loading of the game while its being played such as a scratch on the disc or the cd drive not spinning the disc evenly etc.

just a thought.

good luck

22nd Jan 2006, 19:00
nah its not a laser or disc problem .. its a game problem totally .. too many people are getting the 4 second lag spike everytime a cop or someone enters your view for it to be anything else than a bad release

apparently its not a big "todo" on eidos hit list either

22nd Jan 2006, 19:03
I can't be laser or disk, because I don't have a CD, I downloaded it, and I'm lagging at every cop/person to fight, just like 100's of others.

22nd Jan 2006, 20:13
Like DRTY said it might be your pc thats causing this(maybe not) because im not gettting this problem I just get the little bit of choppiness(lag) while im playing online, does your pc reach the system requirments? Then again this doesnt explain why this is happening to the ps2, xbox versions :confused: I remember FEAR had a problem similar to this but that was just because it was loading the next area or autosaving, i dont know i just hope they fix all these problems soon.

22nd Jan 2006, 21:10
Turn off Norton auto-protect.

22nd Jan 2006, 22:47
...or any auto protect

23rd Jan 2006, 00:19
Don't have Norton, have McAfee, and it's off.

23rd Jan 2006, 20:00
Same, Norton is junk ;) And yeah my system is way beyond specs ... maybe it has to do with vid card incompatibility issues .. what gfx card do you have Tec? I'm running a GEF 7800 series, and what about the rest of you?

i just want to narrow this bull*** down because its irritating

24th Jan 2006, 02:28
I have a Radeon x800pro, have you downloaded the latest driver for your video card? maybe thats it :confused: .