View Full Version : Performance Issue Fixed

21st Jan 2006, 19:01
Okay, I just looked in my thread I made like last week, and finnaly our god came down (jinsatoemo) and delivered the fix we need!

Quoted from him

"Yeah me too had a long install time.It's the antivirus that caused the install slowdown(during the emt files especially).It's also causing the game frequent pausing.Just disable the antivirus autoprotect and your ok to go."

And this helped me!

Hopefully it will work for you guys to.

Note: This only applies to people who uses Norton Internet Security, if you don't but you still get performance issues then there's perhaps another problem.

Anyway to turn off Norton Auto Protect, right click that norton sign on the taskbar click "Disable Anti-Virus Protect" then select the amount of time you want to have it disabled for.

The game should run smoother, and according to him, installation should to.

21st Jan 2006, 22:09
Note: This does help about %80 of the performance although you still may get a little "buzz" occasionaly.