View Full Version : I want a Refund

21st Jan 2006, 15:22
How the hell are u gonna sell us a game for 40$ when we cant hardly even use it. 90% of the time u try and play u get booted, the screen freezes or oh yeah u get booted some more. I have one of the routers on the list and the game still plays like ass. Im glad i have "pre paid legal" im going to have my lawyer write a letter to the better buisness bureau. Im gettin my money back this is bull****.

21st Jan 2006, 18:37
I wish I could to but somehow D2D likes to suck ****

21st Jan 2006, 22:26
Ya i'm going to contacts all consumer affairs agencies known in america and see if I can get a nation wide recall and jump on the banning side of the game IF SOMETHING IS NOT DONE... or at least let us in whats going on SOON!

21st Jan 2006, 23:19

ha this is one of the calmer responses I got today from players online. I'm quite sure a couple of calls from prominent attorney's and federal officials will spark some improvement. This is America not mexico or tawaiin. We are not going to be fleeced for a piece of crap product that promised great online play. You think that lil gameplay may change online disclaimer would hold up in court compared to the thousands of testimony's and in court demonstrations?? I think not.