View Full Version : online just simply dont work for me at least(ps2)

21st Jan 2006, 04:34
ive been trying to play a game online for 2 and a half hours i can get logged in and all that but everytime some new reason for a disconnect pops up im just giving up the game is def worth 30$ tho just get the online working please for now im giving up and playing some socom

21st Jan 2006, 19:23
1. Not surprising. Lots of people having similar problems connecting online. I'm finding less than 10% of the games I attempt to enter, I actually can. Only reason I've logged two hours is cause I stay in any room I can get into.

2. Something I tried and worked -- but obviously everyone can't do this. Create a game and just wait for a few people to enter. Seems being the host makes you less likely to be booted. Just make sure the settings are reasonable (round time around 5 minutes so late arrivals will stick around). You will have a full room quickly.

21st Jan 2006, 19:30
look for lowest possible ping possible...might get at least 1-3 rounds in depending on round times

21st Jan 2006, 19:52
Lowest pings I've ever found were 290 (and that is rare). Most of the pings I find are 350+.

And I have a hella-fast connection.